WeBop is Jazz at Lincoln Center’s award-winning early-childhood jazz education program for little ones and their parents/caregivers. We strongly believe in children’s natural ability to improvise, and we are committed to exploring their creativity through fun interactive classes!

With Exploring Jazz Styles, we will move to the fast notes of Bebop, play with syncopated rhythms of Latin Jazz, dance in a New Orleans second line parade, and much more! Explore these Jazz styles together with your child each week, and of course make music while jamming with a live jazz band.

Classes include a specialized music curriculum and engaging activities designed for each age group. Explore the age groups and class schedules below.

Age Levels


Drawing upon the natural musical communication between parents and infants and the soulful nature of jazz rhythms and tunes, the Hipsters class provides opportunities for adults and babies to interact with and learn about each other through experiences with our rich cultural traditions. 
Through engagement with both the cognitive and the emotional—the patterns and the spirit of jazz—adults will learn how their babies respond to musical cues, while learning characteristics of jazz forms and styles. 
Teachers will work as facilitators, providing opportunities for hipsters to sing and invent lullabies, dance together freely and as an ensemble, and re-visit our own musical histories and repertoires using jazz as a medium for new interpretations. Not only will caregivers and infants build a new repertoire of songs and musical activities to use at home, they will also learn more about how and why music is important in their lives. We expect that what happens in the WeBop Classroom will become part of a growing repertoire of family interactions.

8 – 15


Honoring this age group’s innate ability to respond to musical expression through vocalizations and movement, our Scatters lessons are designed to provide opportunities for children to continue developing their musicality by exploring jazz rhythms and tunes. Instructors work as facilitators creating musical experiences where families can swing, scat, and dance together. Grownups and children interact with and learn about each other through experiences with our rich cultural traditions while building a new repertoire of songs and jazz activities to use at home. Grownups will also learn how and why music—especially jazz—celebrates young children’s freedom to explore and create.



Building on the imaginative, spontaneous, and exploratory “ways of being” for this age group, guided activities highlight the rhythmic energy, formal structures, and emotional content of jazz music that truly engages young children. Stompers will become characters in musical stories, have opportunities for creative movement, interact with others in call and response singing (and stomping), and express themselves through shaking, tapping, thumping, and striking instruments. Grownups interact with children as partners throughout the lesson and reinforce activities with specially designed materials.

2 – 3.5 YEARS